Almost nobody wants long-term US securities

Non-US demand for long-term US securities fell down to almost 0 according to the latest data released yesterday.

It seems that non-US investors are becoming more aware of the bad economic shape the US is in. Therefore they dont buy as much long term US debt as they used too while staying in cash or putting money at work in other ways.

It remains to be seen if this is a clear trend. Given risk aversion after the recent sell-off in equity and commodity markets, it might well be that investors show preference towards long term debt by December when the new demand figures become available.

Without doubt the economic data is weak and money printing by the Fed cannot save the day forever. What it can create is higher inflation which will turn long-term US bonds to confetti.

PS: More details can be found under the keyword TIC longterm purchases. I think it makes no sense to become too technical here.