3 thoughts on “Natural gas (Aug 18)

  1. Dear Petro I want to join me on my facebook page and would like to have your reply on my comments on your natural gas analysis on investing.com. Kindly give your views on my fb page at your earliest.

    1. Hi Satendra, hope u are well. I remember we had chatted about FB a few months ago. I like your analysis a lot as it often complements mine. Just keep in mind that I dont like to use FB much especially for trading related communication. About investing I dont read the readers comments as they mostly write just negative or personal stuff I am not into. I am talking about other people’s comments, not yours of course. Stay in touch, P.

  2. Dear friend I wish to know your comments about your precious comments on effects of tariff war upon Natural Gas futures price. I request you to kindly share your views on investing.com. I will really appreciate to have your expert analysis on Natural Gas after a long time. Or you may share your comments in above context via email.

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