ATR as a position sizing tool

For a long entry:

  1. What is the trading account size? For example $100,000
  2. How much are you willing to lose on this trade? For example, 1% of the trading account, i.e. $1,000.
  3. What is the ATR for this market? For example, $2.5.
  4. How many ATRs away from the purchase price do you want to put your stop-loss? For example 2 ATRs, therefore 2*$2.5 = $5 below the entry price.
  5. What should be the size of your position? $1,000/$5 = 200 shares.

If your stop-loss is triggered, you will lose $5*200 = $1000.

2 thoughts on “ATR as a position sizing tool

  1. what time frame ATR you advice to use 1H, 4H or Daily

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